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     诚信缝配是一家集生产与销售、贸易为一体的缝纫机零配件工贸企业。  公司拥有完善的销售网络和服务体系,专业从事批发国内外缝纫机零配件达上万种。 本公司坚持以“诚信为本,质量第一,服务至上”的宗旨。快捷、准确为您提供所需产品!
  The CHENGXIN Sewing Machine and Parts Company is a trading and manufacturecorporation.With the perfect sales network and service system the company specialize in the wholesale all kinds of sewing machine parts within home and abroad.The company adheres to the general goals of  the best credibility, the best quality and the best service . We will provide you with our products fast and accurately.